Faculty & Staff


  Admissions 202
  Academic Center 228
  Extended Day 260
  Alumni Relations 208
Administration Position Ext.
Dr. Bert Bright Headmaster 207
Hugh Pollock Assistant Headmaster/Alumni Relations 208
Steve Bryant Director of Operations 209
Carolyn Allen Headmaster Administrative Assistant 206
Staci Basden Public Information Director 254
Candice Beaman Technology Director 241
Matt Beaman Athletic Director 263
Amy Davis Librarian 212
Allyson Edge US Guidance Counselor 210
Marianne Ervin Finance Director 205
LuAnn Fletcher Office Manager/Bus Coordinator 201
Anne Fields Health Services/Finance Assistant 294
Nancy Gilmore Admissions Director 202
Judy Grant Cafeteria Manager 267
Ginger Gunsten Marketing Director 206
Robert Kravitz Assistant Athletic Director 262
Crystal Lewis MS Advisor 256
Leslie Lewis Community Service Coordinator 268
Mitzi Moye College Advisor 239
Liz Robinson Housekeeping Supervisor 290
* US: Upper School; MS: Middle School; LS: Lower School  
Faculty Position Ext.
Lee Adams MS Division Chair/MS Math 281
Amanda Albritton LS/MS French and Spanish 281
Karen Barker MS/US Science 233
Elaine Beaman US Math  
Julie Blythe 4th Grade 221
Anne Bryant 1st Grade 272
Carrie Carman-Jewers US Spanish 213
Donald Clark US Social Studies 264
Deb Connolly Kindergarten 258
Lou Ann Cooper 1st Grade 270
Sherry Crocker 3rd Grade 220
Casey Charles MS Reading/MS Science 255
Gordon Churchill MS Social Studies 257
Kelli Dawson MS Math 281
Lisa Duke Chorus 283
Carol Edwards MS Language Arts 248
Megan Fader 3rd Grade 229
Debbie Fallin Guitar 287
Sherry Gibson US Social Studies 234
Mary Ann Grady MS Writing  
Whitney Grady MS Latin 214
Wells Gulledge Health & PE 271
Donna Hardee MS Language Arts 251
Kim Henderson US Math 244
Mary Kathryn Hill 4th Grade 219
Dory Hines Physical Education 269
Amanda Hort Dance 285
Lauren Jennings LS/MS Art 288
Kelly Johnson Health & PE 271
Pam Jones Transition 225
Vicki Kennedy US Division Chair/US Language Arts 238
Eva King Kindergarten 216
Amanda Koons Theatre 286
Robert Kravitz MS/US Science 271
Melissa Lambert US Language Arts 235
Mary Leighton US Math 231
Crystal Lewis US Psychology 251
Leslie Lewis US Science 268
Steve Logan US Language Arts 237
Gina Mackey MS/US Language Arts 245
Penny Manning LS Division Chair/5th Grade 223
Tonya McLawhorn MS Math 236
Jana Miller US Art 287
Amanda Mooring Transition 259
Jane Newton 2nd Grade 217
Catherine Norris LS/US Science 225
Danielle Ouano US Math 230
Shivar Person MS History 250
Meda Piner US Spanish 211
Stephanie Pope 3rd Grade 253
Wendy Riley 2nd Grade 218
Heather Rouse 5th Grade 224
Ashely Rudolph 2nd Grade 232
Grace Rudolph US French 293
Brad Sauls US Social Studies 240
Michelle Smith 5th Grade 226
Brooks Sutton MS/US Science 247
Marie Swann US Science 242
Eulalia VanFosson Orchestra 282
Kimberly Whitley 4th Grade 222
Crystal Wooten 1st Grade 215
Rita Jo Wooten LS/MS Computer 227
Assistants Location Ext.
Beth Apperson Office 203
Betsy Barmore Kindergarten 258
Joy Curcio Kindergarten 249
Margaret Edwards 1st Grade 215
Susan Kearney 2nd Grade 218
Karyn Killinger 3rd Grade 220
Nance Lowry Transition 249
Betsy Mohrfeld Transition 259
Lee Ann Riddle 1st Grade 270