Upper School Guidance Program

The Upper School Guidance Program is designed to assist students as they grow from tentative ninth graders into confident young adults ready to venture into their futures. Students in grades 9-12 may consult with the college advisor, counselor, or assistant headmaster concerning class scheduling to make sure student schedules meet their needs and set them on the path to successfully achieving their goals. Students are encouraged to link high school and post-secondary education to future career options.
Information on enrichment opportunities, such as Summer Ventures in science and mathematics, Governor's School, and others, is made available to students. The guidance department will provide supporting documents as required of the school for applications to such programs.
The guidance department coordinates the school-wide testing program and provides information and consultation for Upper School students to help them plan an appropriate schedule of college admissions testing. All transcripts and forms needed for college applications will be coordinated and sent by the guidance counselor.
Parent conferences with faculty members or the counselor are arranged upon request or as the needs arises. The guidance office door is always open.