Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten builds on a child’s pre-school or Transition experience as a foundation for the lower school experience. Implementing a core curriculum of language arts, math, science, and social skills, teachers focus on reading readiness.
  • Phonics-based introduction to language arts using Open Court/Imagine It! curriculum
  • Writing skills development  using different materials in addition to paper writing
  • Scott Foresman math instruction incorporating manipulatives to teach master numbers, computation, and problem solving
  • Age appropriate science concepts (life, earth, and physical) introduced in the classroom and in a weekly science lab taught by a resource teacher using a kinesthetic approach performing experiments
  • Social studies concepts focus on how the child fits into the world (family, neighborhood, and community) around him or her along with an introduction to historical figures
  • Resource classes offered to kindergarten students:  science lab, computer lab, library, physical education, Spanish, character education, general music, Suzuki strings, and creative movement