Middle School Program


Arendell Parrott Academy’s Middle School program builds on the foundation established in the Lower School and equips students for success in the Upper School and beyond.  As your child grows and develops into a teenager, the Middle School environment evolves.  Students gain more independence and responsibility. Our students welcome new academic challenges, deliver public speeches, test new athletic skills, and audition for school performances.  We encourage thoughtful boldness in our students while they explore new possibilities in a safe, encouraging environment.

Opportunities to pursue personal interests become available through the introduction of electives and expanded extracurricular activities. Students can try a variety of activities and find true interests.  They can participate in clubs, athletics (beginning in 7th grade), student government, and arts organizations like the dance ensemble, theatre, and orchestra.  Academic teams including Science Olympiad, Math Counts, and Battle of the Books allow students to compete and explore in-depth areas of study they may have only touched on in the classroom.  Students develop leadership skills by election to the Middle School Council or by earning membership in the National Junior Honor Society.

A full-time advisor helps guide your child through the transitional years of Middle School academics and activities. Study skills, test-taking tools and strategies, and peer relationship building are all topics our advisor addresses.  Group discussions on social issues, such as peer pressure and bullying, are covered through the year.  Outside speakers are invited to speak on selected topics, such as Internet safety and online digital citizenship.  The advisor advocates for students, promotes social success, and mediates conflict resolution as needed. 

  • English focuses on literature, reading comprehension, applied grammar, vocabulary development, and writing.
  • Latin instruction is offered in seventh and eighth grades.
  • Mathematics affords students the opportunity to pursue an accelerated math sequence; sixth graders study math concepts and applications preparing them for either pre-algebra or algebra in seventh grade, followed by algebra or geometry in eighth grade.
  • Science uses a two year unit study program (sixth and seventh grade) stressing the importance of student inquiry, exploration, and investigation; disciplines of chemistry, physics, biology, and earth science are explored; eighth graders study an accelerated physical science curriculum.
  • History provides emphasis for middle school social studies with world history studied in both sixth and seventh grade, while North Carolina history provides the focus for eighth grade.
  • Electives available include physical education, art, theatre, orchestra, chorus, dance, guitar, and study hall.
  • Performance opportunities available include school and community events like the Academy’s spring musical.
  • Private instruction continues to be available in piano, guitar, voice, and strings for an additional fee.
  • Field trips to Myrtle Beach (sixth grade), Washington, D.C. (seventh grade), and Camp Cheerio (eighth grade) give students opportunities to develop independence and form close bonds with classmates.